Tony McKnight

Tony McKnight spent more than two decades in multi-level marketing building a successful career. In 2013, this passion grew to the firearms industry. In the span of just one month, Tony went from owning no firearms to nearly 20!  It was at this point that he had the great idea to become a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL). You don’t even want to guess how many he has in his personal collection now; that’s a question for our compliance officer.

With a dream of creating a place for patriotic Americans to support and defend the Constitution–specifically the First and Second Amendments–Tony first opened Big Daddy Guns in Gainesville, Florida in 2013 to provide guns and ammo to citizens so they could express their rights. After seeing that many distributors did not want to work with a home-based FFL, Tony knew that it was time to scale up the operation; little did he know this would become something much bigger than he could have imagined.

Realizing that a gun store is too centralized, he co-founded Big Daddy Unlimited in 2018 to provide an online sales platform for guns, gear, ammo, and accessories so Americans could exercise their frequently threatened Second Amendment rights at prices they can live with. Starting out with only an outside the box approach that challenges conventional thinking, Tony has now revolutionized the online gun store with technological innovation and a forward thinking attitude. He has always said, “Every business is alike; guns are just another widget, and I’ll sell more widgets than anyone else.”

Tony not only expanded Big Daddy Gun stores into additional Florida cities while simultaneously growing Big Daddy Unlimited, but he also created Xcluded TV as an alternative for those who have been censored by social media platforms. There are many other projects on the horizon; you’ll just have to stay with us to find out.

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