Sherrie McKnight

As a single mother with a successful career as a mortgage broker, Sherrie McKnight delved into the multi-level marketing space where she met her future husband, Tony. Together, they became experts in the marketing arena and built a highly successful network marketing business and team. Sherrie got her feet wet in politics by helping produce a close friend’s radio show where she found her affinity for being a boots-on-the-ground, grassroots champion. However, a major spark was ignited inside her following the tragic events of the Sandy Hook school shooting incident and all of the talk of gun control.  Being a free and untamed spirit, any talk of “control” sounded like an overstep to Sherrie.

In 2013, when politicians threatened to take away the Second Amendment rights of American citizens, Sherrie’s fire to defend her God-given and Constitutional right to “keep and bear arms” was ignited. Having never shot or owned a gun, she told her husband, Tony, what was happening. After going through a concealed carry class and purchasing nearly 20 firearms, Big Daddy Guns started as a hobby for the couple, and very few people know this “hobby” started right in their home.  On any given day during those times, you could see their dedicated team packing orders in a cluttered garage and delivery trucks navigating their narrow driveway. With a lot of initial success, the storefront to Big Daddy Guns opened in Gainesville, Florida in 2015.

Three years later, Big Daddy Unlimited took its place in the online firearms marketplace where Sherrie became the “Chief Happiness Officer” leading a team of customer service representatives with three mantras to provide members the VIP service they deserve: have a “Member’s First” mindset; remember, “Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork”; and have a “Spirit of Excellence”. Sherrie takes pride in the customer service Big Daddy Unlimited provides because it is her intention to be at the forefront of the Second Amendment industry by creating a real, relatable, and relational culture with our members, followers, and staff alike.

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