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We are Americans. We are Patriots. We Exist to Defend the 2nd Amendment.

American Gun Coalition formed to Protect and Defend the Second Amendment
New grassroots organization forms to speak on behalf of American gun-rights advocates.

Gainesville, FL – April 15, 2021 – North Central Florida small business owners Sherrie and Tony McKnight unveiled the American Gun Coalition (AGC). AGC is a grassroots organization and resource that will educate, motivate, and activate Americans on Second Amendment issues, policies, and candidates that affect their rights and those which represent an absolute support for our Second Amendment’s core principles.

“We intend to identify influencers, candidates, organizations, and policies that adhere to the words ‘SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED,’ said Sherrie McKnight. “We will only promote organizations and leaders we believe will stand firm against the anti-gun agenda from the public, politicians, big corporations, and the mainstream media. ‘Shall not be infringed’ was not a suggestion.”

The McKnight’s are lawful gun owners who opened Big Daddy Guns in 2013 when politicians threatened to restrict the second amendment rights of law-abiding citizens in an effort to punish or “pay” for the crimes of those who do not obey the law. At the time, Sherrie McKnight had never even shot a gun. In 2018, they founded Big Daddy Unlimited, the next evolution of the online gun store.

“In 2013, I couldn’t believe that I might lose my right to keep and bear arms. It was during this time that my passion for the Second Amendment was ignited,” said McKnight. “Citizens and the people in government are using emotions to chip away at the Second Amendment in the name of safety and calling it ‘gun control.’ We decided that our complacency was compliance so we decided to act.”

Recently, when the term “gun control” was no longer working to drive the narrative, the gun-grabbers began using the new term “gun violence” to push more government overreach and infringements to our God-given right to protect and defend ourselves. At a time when many are advocating for defunding the police, the ability for Americans to defend themselves is more important than ever.

The American Gun Coalition (AGC) protects, defends, and supports pro-Second Amendment voices including candidates, social media influencers, and grassroots organizations. AGC’s mission is to fight for every law-abiding citizen’s God-given right to keep and bear arms.

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